Tag: Glitch

Here’s a unique gift. Phillip Stearns sells glitch blankets fashioned after actual corrupt digital images. They are several hundred dollars each, depending on the size and the variation.

Awesome glitch music video for “MA BICYCLETTE (UPHILL MIX)”

I don’t know what the proper term for this is, but here’s an awesome purposefully-made glitch music video from Andrew Huang for his song “MA BICYCLETTE”. And if you haven’t already, watch Andrew Huang’s original version of this song here.

The Presets “Promises” from Special Problems on Vimeo. Wow, this is the new song from The Presets? LOVE!

I’ve experienced this a few times and I always thought it was something to do with me. But now it seems somebody has actually compared the iPhone 5 with older versions of the iPhone and found that it may actually be unique to the iPhone 5. Weird.