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A modular phone may be as close to becoming a reality for the general public as next year! Exciting stuff from Google/Motorola and Phonebloks.

This is pretty amusing. There’s a Google Chrome extension called Time Is Money¬†that converts item prices to hours worked so you know just how much time you’re spending at work to buy that thing you really, really want. It works well on Amazon (US) and a few other sites.

The New York Times and Google have teamed up to make the 36 Hours video segments just a bit more interesting and easier to follow with complimentary Google Maps layouts.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.17.05 PM

This is so fantastic! Google released a new robust and feature-packed Chrome browser extension called Bookmark Manager that does a much better job of helping you organize your browser bookmarks. It works with your Chrome browser (as long as you’re signed in) and comes with a pretty nifty interface to help you sort, manage, save, […]

Right now, it’s available only for Android, but it will eventually come to iOS. And that makes me wonder if it’ll be enough to make me stop using Sunrise.

Just started using Google’s Inbox today and it’s great. I can totally see myself using this over just normal Gmail.