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The first product promo video for the newly announced GoPro Hero4. It can shoot 1080p video at 120fps. That’s cool. I want one.


Pretty awesome scoop from PetaPixel this afternoon as they unveiled — unofficially — the GoPro Hero4 black and silver edition. The new cameras improve on what is already a great action-sports camera with the Black Edition allowing for 4K filming at 30fps (up from 15fps on the last version). The Silver Edition includes a touchscreen […]


Whoa, Knog looks like they have some competition in the GoPro night lighting scene. SP Gadgets, makers of the best GoPro pole extension, has a POV Light on sale for $100 USD. The thing I like about this is that it takes GoPro batteries (2x) and mounts underneath a GoPro rather than from the side. […]

I was so mad at this other drummer I posted earlier that I had to watch a video of a good drummer. This guy, Tony Royster Jr., is good. No, he’s amazing.