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I mentioned earlier today that Facebook Graph Search looks like it could potentially change the way people use the web. It’s disruptive to normal search engines and for better or worse closed off to other search engine competitors. We know how much data Facebook has on us and until now there was no real useful […]


This is very neat. Google Correlate has a search function that allows you to draw a particular search curve and it’ll basically bring up results that match the curve that you drew. Try it out here.


Wow, this is so beautiful. A Facebook app called Social Memories digs into your Facebook profile (if you let it, of course) and creates a virtual book of memories for you. You can customize the auto-generated book with specific photos and layouts and if you like what you see, you can order an actual copy […]

Holy crap!! In the deep recesses of my brain, I remember learning how to do this from a teacher I had in elementary school! I haven’t used it since (I think mainly because I never quite understood where to draw those arches across the lines) but after watching this video the trick seems to make […]

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David McCandless and Lee Byron scoured public Facebook records for the words “break up” or “broken up” and graphed out the data in the handy chart above. Their data mining allowed them to visually see when couples tend to break up throughout the year. This data above was used in a TED talk given by […]

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Twitter just released this graph showing the increase in Twitter usage over the last 4 years. As of September 2010, there are nearly 100 million tweets per day. PER DAY.