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Not so remarkable since anybody can do this traveling at approximately 30 MPH. Synced traffic lights save gas and make the air cleaner (assuming people drive accordingly).

For those who don’t know, Chicago does this every year for St. Patrick’s Day.

Japanese commercials man. What is up with these? I mean, remember the Ronald McDonald oneĀ and the Spongebob toy one? So weird.

Commercial pilot Bradley Friesen explains in great detail why shooting lasers at planes is such a dangerous thing.


Surprise! There’s now green Coke! Well, sort of. Coca-Cola is experimenting with a new flavor blend of Coke in Argentina that uses natural sugars and Stevia instead of corn syrup or cane sugar (in other parts of the world). The new beverage comes in a unique green label instead of Coca-Cola’s iconic red. Check out […]