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The Dark Web is one part of the web I never want to stumble upon. Sure it facilitates the travel of information to places that might otherwise censor it, but it also seems like an incredibly dangerous place from everything that I’ve heard about it. If I recall, there was a Reddit thread that really […]

This guy just does not care who, where, or what surface. He’s gonna bomb the city.


A really interesting read about how the government and the public might have reacted to the Boston Marathon bombers if they had, instead, been the Boston Marathon shooters. Would the city of Boston had been shut down completely as this manhunt went on for the last surviving brother? Would we have collectively allowed the brothers […]

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How many people since the Newtown shootings have died as a result of guns? Too many according to this Slate interactive chart. Insane. Mind-boggling.


Designboom has posted some photos of the process artist Pedro Reyes is using to turn used firearms from Mexico into working instruments. Here’s how the firearms are flattened and prepped. pedro reyes: imagine – destruction of firearms from designboom on Vimeo. Here are the instruments being made. pedro reyes: imagine – turning weapons into musical […]