Tag: Heartbeats

New music and music videom from Mat Kearney. The entire thing is filmed from a flying drone in one single take inside the LA River.

George Zisiadis created and installed Pulse of the City in 5 different locations in Boston. The sidewalk corner device allows strangers to grip its handles and it then detects their heart rates and plays back a unique song based on their heartbeat.

This is an oldie but a goodie that I was just reminded of after listening to Royal Teeth’s “Heartbeats” cover.

I know this song originally from Jose Gonzalez but I think I much prefer this electro-rock version.

Grum – Heartbeats from Brian McBlade on Vimeo. This is currently one of my favorite songs of the moment. By the way, there’s an awesome mix of this song on the Ministry of Sound The Annual 2010 CD (disc 2). If you want to download the original extended mix of “Heartbeats”, just click here.