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This is a hauntingly accurate portrayal of how it is sometimes to helpĀ people with computers. And not just older people either.

Aww, watch this fox with its head stuck in a jar walk up to humans for help.


This Reddit thread makes me proud to be Asian-American. What started off as a would-be knock at a local Chinese restaurant by the original poster turned out to be quite an enlightening debate about child labor and what that actually means when it comes to different cultures. I know for me, growing up in an […]

Here’s a very touching video of Steve Harvey getting a surprise birthday wish from the Florida couple who befriended him and helped jumpstart his career. Steve ended up borrowing/using about $11,000 of this couple’s money to travel when he was a stand-up comedian and lost touch with them when he became big. He’s been trying […]


I got a $58 parking ticket today. Honestly, I got it because it slipped my mind entirely to move my car from a designated 2-hour parking only location. I know it’s entirely my fault, but I’d like to see if any readers would like to help me along with this small mishap. If it gets […]