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The best video games come from Japan. I mean, just look at this game. What kind of World Cup is this?!

Remember the guy who was demonstrating how an electrostatic discharge gun works? Well, he’s back again this time giving a very funny explanation of how a coil gun works. [via]

ROFL! Reposting this for good measure (and easier searchability on this blog).

TVSquad has posted 3 hilarious videos of product placements in soap operas that are unintentionally funny because of their not-so-smooth tie-in to the show’s plot. Reminds me of The Truman Show. Enjoyed the one above? Check out these two below as well! Chex Mix Midol

A YouTube user has uploaded a good portion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concert tour filmed at Radio City Music Hall in 1990 (part 4 is above and the rest is split into several videos on his channel). As you can imagine, watching this more than 20 years later is pretty hilarious. Click the […]