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After having grown up in the United States as an undocumented immigrant, Rufino Santiz Díaz decided to go back to Mexico and now finds himself caught between two worlds, neither of which want him.

Pecan Street Inc. is a research and development organization based at the University of Texas at Austin that tracks energy usage in homes in a small purpose-built community. The project focuses primarily on renewable energy resources and how people consume and track their energy usage through smart apps. The organization, in part, is trying to see if […]

Magic of Rahat is fast becoming one of my favorite YouTube channels. In March, he posted a video where he gave a winning lottery ticket to a homeless man named Eric. The world was touched when the homeless man generously wanted to give Rahat some of the earnings. An emotional day for the two of […]

From the YouTube video description: This residential fire in Maple Ridge B.C. started on Wednesday September 26th 2012 around 4 PM.The fire was caused by a propane torch that was left on and unattended, which a worker was using to apply a tar moisture seal to the deck on the front of the house. It […]


SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Open at 268 Mulberry Street in NYC from May 17-21 (11AM to late). This is, I’m hoping, going to be like Disney’s Carousel of Progress.