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A TED-Ed animation that helps us visualize German mathematician David Hilbert’s example of how to picture and wrap our minds around the concept of infinity.

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Priceonomics works out how much you’re saving on average in certain cities by staying at an Airbnb compared to a hotel. US-only for now. On average, you save about half the normal price of a hotel room by renting a room on Airbnb. For those that travel on a budget, this is a significant amount of […]

The World Bird Sanctuary carries special permits from the US government to travel with rare wild birds for educational purposes. Occassionally the birds need to be put up for a night or two in a hotel, and this is how it’s done — feeding sessions and all.


Yep! There are abandoned igloos in Alaska! But not the kind you’re probably thinking of. This abandoned igloo is massive because it was intended to be a hotel until building violations caused it to shut down. The igloo-shaped building in Cantwell, Alaska is now a roadside attraction!


Antonio Scarponi of Conceptual Devices has designed this cabinet called Hotello for the Swiss firm daskonzept. The 4-sq-meter room that comes from this rolling cabinet was made in conjunction with Roberto de Luca and is intended to help fill temporary vacant warehouses, factories, and other buildings quickly and affordably.