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This was too good. Kind of mean, but really funny.

A TED-Ed animation that helps us visualize¬†German mathematician David Hilbert’s example of how to picture and wrap our minds around the concept of infinity.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 3.58.55 PM

Priceonomics¬†works out how much you’re saving on average in certain cities by staying at an Airbnb compared to a hotel. US-only for now. On average, you save about half the normal price of a hotel room by renting a room on Airbnb. For those that travel on a budget, this is a significant amount of […]

The World Bird Sanctuary carries special permits from the US government to travel with rare wild birds for educational purposes. Occassionally the birds need to be put up for a night or two in a hotel, and this is how it’s done — feeding sessions and all.