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Here are some adorable cat houses shaped like tipis! Price: $54.

So cute! Here are two foster dogs named Storm and Shadow playing with the cat of the house, Finn.


This LEGO set is not only hard to find, but if you find it, it goes for upwards of $200. Looks really nice and detailed though!

  I’ve never heard of this secret house before in Raleigh, NC, but based on what I already knew about similar places like this in NYC, I figured it was a cover-up for a public utilities plant. And sure enough, it is. Just a nice way to hide an otherwise city eyesore.


I had no idea the New York Hall of Science had this giant gingerbread town on display. It’s called Gingerbread Lane  and it runs until January 12, 2014. The 300-square-foot village is made up of an estimated 1,900 lbs. of icing, 400 lbs. of candy, and 500 lbs. of gingerbread dough. It is comprised of 152 […]