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Ever thought that your images were too sharp, too clear, and too good looking? Well now you can process them through NEEDS MORE JPEG and have the website serve your image back to you with the suckiest compression possible. It’s great!


Chances are that if you’ve been using the internet for a while you’ve stumbled upon the broken image icon. While it’s use is disappearing these days, it can still be found in certain places if you use the right browser. Designed by Marsh Chamberlin during his early days at Netscape, the icon was the first […]

This video from Red Bull Illume shows how one photographer created a lenticular image for Red Bull.


Ben West and Felix Heyes have run every word in Oxford’s Pocket Dictionary through Google Image Search and create a book they call Google that defines these words with the first image result taken from Google. The result is a huge volume that gives an accurate snapshot of the year 2012 via Google Images. Here’s […]


Fuji Rumors has posted a link to this forum comparing default processed images from the new CaptureOne 7.0.2 Beta and Lightroom 4.2. In short, CaptureOne seems to be beating Lightroom’s ass (which is a bit of a surprise because it’s always been the other way around). Time for Adobe to step up the game!