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An old archival video of Aubrey Plaza imitating Sarah Silverman for an SNL audition in 2008.


This is quite amazing. For a special video piece for The New York Times, comedian Andy Samberg and photographer Walter Iooss Jr. got together to shoot photos of famous tennis players without the actual tennis players being on set. How? Well, they got Andy Samberg to act as every single player. The result is hilarious.

SAY WHAT! This is impressive. I wonder if there’s any use for this in nature, or if there’s no chance at all in fooling animals with this talent.

As voted by UK TV audience, this clip above of the amazing Lyrebird in Australia is the public’s favorite clip from David Attenborough’s animal documentaries. The Lyrebird can mimic just about any sound in its environment — from other bird mating calls, to car alarms, to cameras, and even the sound of chainsaws cutting down […]

Steve and Rob have a thing or two to learn from the real master Michael Caine impersonator! [via]