Tag: Indiegogo

Yay! Great behind the scenes stuff from the Indiegogo campaign for the new Simon’s Cat film!

I never realized how much work goes into making one 2-3 minute Simon’s Cat film. Now that they want to make an 11-minute short film called Off To The Vet, Simon Tofield is asking for some fundraising help to make this short a reality. Interesting!

The fantastic re-telling of the story of how Vancouver crowd-funded its own sausage/hotdog place called Bestie on Indiegogo.

Trailer & Featurette – Mad As Hell: Rise of the Young Turks from Andrew Napier on Vimeo. With only 13 days left to raise a total of $100,000, the outlook is beginning to look a bit grim for Director Andrew Napier of the film Mad As Hell: Rise of The Young Turks. The documentary is […]