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I’ve posted about this technology from Fulton Innovation before, but here’s a much clearer video of wireless power on store shelves powering product box displays as well as battery-required product examples.

The Federal 52 playing card deck on Kickstarter is one of the most exciting decks I’ve seen put on there. The design is just phenomenal and everything about it — even all of the add-on decks — are works of art. If you haven’t pledged to get your own, you better do it soon. Only […]

The Deep End from Jake Fried on Vimeo. Jake Fried created this short animation using ink, white-out, and coffee! Amazing! [via]

gold silver metallic bicycle playing cards-1

This is pretty sweet. I just got these Bicycle playing card decks in. They’re pretty standard except for the fact that the backs are printed with metallic silver and gold inks. That means that in the right light, these backs shimmer! It’s hard to tell from the photos because I didn’t take the photos that […]


2013 is the year of the snake and Bicycle is celebrating with this deck! The best surprise about this deck is that it’s printed with METALLIC INKS! The same kind used in the Titanium edition playing cards from Theory11.