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I’m a loyal user of Sunrise on iOS, but for a moment after watching this promo video for Peek Calendar, I really wanted to switch over to this. It just looks so beautiful (and a little reminiscent of to-do app Clear). Check it out in action below and then see more screengrabs inside.

I’m more of a Dropbox user myself, but I’m hoping that this incredibly storage deal from Box will somehow push Dropbox to give at least that much amount of space to users for free. Here’s hoping…PLEASE…please…

To celebrate 5 years of the App Store, Apple has selected a few apps to be completely free for a limited time only. One of them is this fantastic game called Badland. It’s a super-simple game (literally only one button to press) and the purpose is to simply get to the end of each level […]

I didn’t know that they released Contra for the iPhone. It’s $.99 on the App Store. Here’s a 13-minute video of the game in play.