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This is a great video with recorded sound bites from Lexus IS Chief Engineer Junichi Furuyama talking about how he and his team were given the task of making a better car than the BMW 3 Series (and Mercedes C-Class) sedans. In designing the new IS, they took elements from the Lexus LFA and helped […]

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Just read from over at PetaPixel that Canon is indeed releasing a new version of my favorite all-purpose lens. The new 24-70mm f/4L makes up for the loss in speed by offering IS built-in. It will be both lighter and shorter than the current 24-70mm.

Camera Technica has an outstanding video of pried open Canon EF 18-55mm IS lens to show just how Canon’s Image Stabilization technology works. I’ve known the concept of how IS works on lenses and cameras but have never actually seen it quite like this before so this is pretty exciting! [via]

I didn’t notice this when the official press release was let go, but apparently, the new Canon EOS Rebel XSi comes with a EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. Yep, that’s “IS” as in Image Stabilizer. Pretty cool, huh! From what I can recall, I don’t think any camera in this line from any other company comes with […]