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Not much historical information in this video unlike The Unknown Cameraman’s other videos, but still really interesting to see the remnants of a restaurant totally abandoned.

I like that the shifter on this car is near the steering wheel instead of where the cupholders in the center are.

Vanishing New York shared this short video from Casimir Nozkowski about a place in Williamsburg called Caffe Capri. With coffee being such a popular product of consumption every day, the sight of a non-franchise, family-owned business is certainly rare. This is the story of one of the last remaining ones. They don’t serve coffee in […]

Haha, they ue the nastiest looking guy to be a woman.


3S Studio is the studio behind this magnificent transformation of an old tunnel between two Italian towns into a beautiful public promenade. I really love the half-finished look of the tunnel interior so that you could see the original tunnel walls while walking through it. [via]