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Never thought anybody would recommend putting a GORE-TEX jacket into a dryer.

Chrome is betting heavy on the apparel line with the latest release of the WARM collection. It includes the Chrome WARM Vest ($150), the Chrome WARM Work Shirt ($180), the Chrome Base Cobra sweatshirt ($100), and the Chrome Ike Windshirt ($125), all designed to fit an active lifestyle while keeping you dry, warm, and protected from just about all sorts of weather […]


It’s been rainy lately and the Chrome De Haro Windbreaker has been an amazing piece of lightweight carry keeping me dry. I love that it folds up into a small pocket and is super lightweight while offering some relief from the wetness. It’s not for heavy downpours, but on days like this where it’s drizzling, […]


Chris Ontiveros and Jonathan Shaun’s new active lifestyle brand Makers & Riders has this 3-season weatherproof jacket called the Variant for sale. It comes with a long back tail for cyclists and also 2 hidden back pockets for carrying snacks, liquids, or electronics while on a ride. Oh, and best of all, the entire garment is made in […]