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I love the path that this guy has taken. Really humble words from this dude about his life so far.

I really love this split-screen music video. That walk down Chinatown near the end is nice.

Iron Solomon sucks – A LOT. How did he even get on this show?

It’s been 3 years since this video was made, so obviously Jin has already moved way beyond this point in his life, but it’s still nice to relive his rise to stardom as a young MC from Miami moving to New York, and then taking over the global stage starting in Hong Kong.

Props to Keith, Sungjin, Jin, and the rest of the Ricebomb for putting this together. Man, I miss New York and this really brings me back there. For me, listening to this is easier than watching it. I can’t watch myself on video. I. LOOK. STUPID. TADA! Also: Special thanks to The City of New […]