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Complex posted this video from DJ Eclipse of a young 19-year-old Kanye West, relatively unknown at the time, rapping at the Fat Beats NYC store grand opening in 1996.

This is so funny. Gawker posted this video of Kanye West being asked to sign a sneaker from a fan. And what does Kanye do? He signs it. But not before telling the fan that he’s holding a genuine fake!

Big props to Sway for keeping his composure here. In nearly this entire interview, Kanye plays the victim card about how everyone and every company is always trying to keep him down. If you want to just jump to the blow up, go to the 17 minute mark. Kanye is a nutcase. Seriously. In the […]

If you’ve seen the original Bound 2 music video from Kanye West, you’ll understand why this parody video looks this way.