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Here’s a reminder of all of the crazy things people supported this year — from independent video game consoles, to hovercraft Deloreans, to feature-length movies, and lots of brand-new inventions.

Remember Lil Dicky? The fast-rapping white indie-rapper that sort of exploded onto the scene not too long ago? Well, he needs some help to make some new music, new music videos, and go on tour. He’s more than promising, so if you can spare a few dollars, help this guy live a dream!

One of my favorite photographers at the moment is Foster Huntington. In the past year or so, he’s given up his full time job and traveled the country in a van, photographing other vans like his along the way. His adventures shown on Instagram make me so jealous at times and his images are just […]

This is a pretty neat bike on Kickstarter called the Semester Bicycle. It’s made in Greensboro, AL and features a carbon fiber core wrapped in strong hex-shaped bamboo. It’s a single-speed bike that all together will cost $799 (complete bike) or you can buy just the frame for $399. Check it out here.