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The sad story of a cop pulling over a deranged man who just wanted to kill.

Damn. If you’re drinking, do everyone a favor and call a cab. Leave your car where it is. Get that ticket if you must. Don’t die or kill someone else because of it.

I know this is an Onion joke, but in the past I’ve actually written posts here on Doobybrain that were timed to go live in case of an event where I don’t make it out of a plane alive. Morbid, I know.

So I heard this morning that Brian from Family Guy was killed off. No real reason given. Seems like either a great setup for a mysterious comeback later on, or Seth McFarlane just got tired of doing his voice…or something.

Spend some time with those you love. It may just save your life.


Reading this news article from Reuters is just heartbreaking. Stories of watching executions of family members, working to death, widespread malnutrition, and a horrifying personal account of one female defector’s visions of prison guards forcing another woman to kill her newborn baby by drowning.