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Holy crap. The new Xbox One Kinect camera can see so much detail and it is incredibly smart in terms of giving the gamer/user an absolutely fluid experience in front of the TV. I am impressed!

First of all, it must be nice to retire at such a young age. Second, I really want this Nike+ Kinect Training on Xbox 360.

Clouds: beta from DEEPSPEED media on Vimeo. Using the same technology as the Kinect + DSLR setup I posted on previously, a group of filmmakers is creating a documentary about hackers and artists who use code and computers to tell stories. The film called Clouds is by Jonathan Minard and James George and is due […]

Using a Kinect and a paired DSLR, you can potentially create depth videos rather easily. The grid-like pattern overlay somewhat reminds me of A Scanner Darkly and overall it’s a pretty neat look. [via]

Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect from Theo Watson on Vimeo. I wasn’t very excited about the Xbox Kinect — mainly because I don’t have an Xbox — but the hacks I’ve been seeing lately make me think this would be a fun toy to tinker around with. Especially since now somebody has figured out […]