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$139 for a bike light set is a lot, but if you’re going to spend that sort of money, you might as well get something rock solid and waterproof. That’s where these Knog Blinder Road lights come in.

Oh Melbourne, how I miss you so! This is an ad shot by Knog for their new Blinder-Road light. Looks and sounds amazing, but it’s so new right now that there’s hardly anything written about it.

DOSNOVENTA KNOG BLINDER LAUNCH PARTY from CREAM Bikes & Things on Vimeo. Here’s the video from the Knog Blinder launch party at C.R.E.A.M. Bikes & Things. Nice bikes all around. The Knog Blinder lights are available now in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. A bit pricey, but I stand behind Knog as one […]

Somebody stole my KNOG BOOMERS last week (my fault for leaving them on my bike even if it was for a few minutes) and so I bought a new set. The new front BOOMER is a lot brighter than my previous one for some odd reason. Nothing has changed as far as I know, but […]

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I like my nighttime bike rides. And I also like staying alive. So what better way to make sure both happen on a regular basis than with these fantastically bright Knog Boomer bicycle lights? As I’ve mentioned before, the Knog Boomer is a front and back bicycle light set that features a 1-watt LED (in […]