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This is part 2 of the first video. Just filming during the last summer streets of 2013.


Today was a pretty crappy day. This morning around 4:30AM, I put Tygra and Pepper into a kennel and brought them to the North Central animal shelter in LA. They were surrendered. A perfect storm of events led me to this decision which I did not take lightly. In fact, it’s hard for me to […]


The British Journal of Photography has confirmed with Hasselblad that the last 503CW camera has rolled off their production line, effectively putting an end to the company’s uber-popular V-series line of cameras. So sad. If you have one, you better keep it.

Video of the last billet bar roll at the former Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna Plant

I haven’t gone through this whole hour-long video in full yet, but the fact that this exists online is wonderful. It’s a look at the very last billet bar roll being made at the now abandoned/closed Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna Plant. Let’s not forget that this is pretty good video quality for the times too — […]