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Mercedes-Benz’s new MULTIBEAM LED technology sounds pretty neat. It uses a combination of front-facing cameras and GPS navigation to intelligently change the beam structure and direction of the headlights as you drive. No more “dazzling” other drivers from behind.

sunset skateboards-01

I recently discovered this skateboard company called Sunset Skateboard Co. They seem to make Penny-like skateboards made of polycarbonate with the added bonus of LED light-up wheels. They are moderately priced at $99 for a full board or you can simply buy the LED skateboard wheels separately. I haven’t personally ridden one of these, but […]

I posted a video yesterday of the new HALO X LED Belt, now here’s another video showing just how bright these new versions are. You can’t buy this exact one shown on video just yet, but there are plenty of other options to choose from if you want one now.