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If you remember, last year I posted chapter 1 of SIGMA Aizu’s lens making factory¬†and now SIGMA is back with Chapter 2 of this incredible look into the amazing place that these lenses are born.

Oh so this wide angle conversion just turns the X100s into a 28mm? Interesting… Also, I just learned about this Adobe Lens Profile Downloader¬†for Lightroom.

This music video has been making the rounds lately. Why? Because it’s entirely shot on the iPhone with a SLR lens adapter. Quality-wise, this is perfect. Amazing how far technology has come.

This is a clever sales item from BlackRapid. For select Canon lenses, BlackRapid has made these grey identifying caps so you (or your assistant) can quickly grab the lens you need without fiddling around with the barrels. A seasoned photographer will not really need this I suppose, but for the rest of you guys, here […]


I had no idea there was a Wide Conversion Lens for my X100S that makes the angle of view equivalent to a 28mm on a 35mm camera. It’s a pricey accessory though at $320.