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Shwood is introducing a new line of cellulose acetate frames in 3 styles to compliment their already environmentally-conscious product line. The new frames, part of the Fifty/Fifty Collection, are a product of renewable material made from wood pulp and cotton and they come paired with superior Carl Zeiss lenses. Each style of frame also comes […]

Some old camera lenses are radioactive

According to PetaPixel, some old camera lenses used by photographers are actually radioactive due to their use of lanthanum and thorium to reduce the index of refraction. Of course, nowadays, you can just grow the perfect glass.

Earlier this month, I posted a video of Nikon lenses being made and noted how it was sort of surprising that none of the workers were wearing gloves while touching the glass. Well, now Nikon has released another video on how their lenses and glass are made and this time, people are wearing gloves. I […]

Shots of glass. Shots of nature. Shots of engineers. Shots of nature. Shots of glass. Shots of nature. Japan!! This is how SIGMA lenses are made!

It really amazes me that nobody in this factory wears gloves. NOBODY.