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Ugh, this video gave me the creeps. Too many tiny things protruding from small holes. Read more about it here.

When you let industry cook for you, special-occasion foods become everyday foods. And that’s a terrible thing.

Produced by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966. Directed by Antonio Colacino. Made for the Department of Immigration the Life In Australia series aimed to show potential immigrants an idealised picture of life in Australia with particular focus on the capital cities and large regional centres like the Victorian town of Geelong.


This is ATLAS, a life-sized robot that will hopefully one day save people’s lives in disaster zones where it may be too dangerous to send a real human. The robot is pretty much complete except for the most important part — it’s brain — which will be handed off to top universities in the US […]

I really want to see this documentary about photographer Saul Leiter who took images of New York City in the ’40s and ’50s in color and became one of the artists in the unofficial collective known as The New York School.