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Here’s the 2nd video from Red Bull where they outfit an athlete at night with lights. This time it’s a flying man on a paramotor setup. Is that even the right way to describe it?

This is what it looks like when you go wakeboarding at night with an illuminated wakeboard.


Lambo from Hugo Baptista on Vimeo. PetaPixel shared this project from Huga Baptista where he uploads lightpainting cross-sections to Vimeo and allows you to play the video back to create your own cross-section lightpainting. If done correctly, the video above will produce the following image below. You can play and try out some other objects […]

24×360 from Timecode Lab on Vimeo. Lots of hyphens in that title, but watch the video above and see the cool photos Timecode Lab, Patrick Rochon, and Eric ParĂ© shot using a 360-degree camera rig and some quick light painting techniques. You can see the still images here.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo. This is seriously one of the cooler things I’ve ever seen done with the Apple iPad. Basically, this team from Dentsu London use long exposures to drag out animations playing out on an iPad. As the iPad moves in space, the 2D animations become […]