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Not joking here. This bike light from Knog outputs 550 lumens. If you absolutely need to be seen (and see!) at night, you can get a Blinder Arc 5.5 here for $85.

This is some sort of art installation that occurred over the weekend.

Not so remarkable since anybody can do this traveling at approximately 30 MPH. Synced traffic lights save gas and make the air cleaner (assuming people drive accordingly).

Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records is an art installation by Japanese artist Ei Wada that features several columns of recording tape trickling down into the lit space. I LIKE.

Color me confused… This is a weird promo video that really doesn’t show how these lights are any different. Somebody please explain!

I own a Halo Belt (first version) and it’s one of my favorite night-time pieces that I use when I bike. I think the idea is great and can be used in so many more instances than just cycling. The new Halo Belt 2.0, seen in the video above, is USB rechargeable (YES!) and comes […]