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Dang, this is pretty nuts. But bigger question, who the hell is filming this? Drone most likely, right?

I really enjoy this ad from Philips that travels through time to show how little the lightbulb has changed, and how the new Philips hue system can remedy that.


Beginning January 2nd, Home Depot will be the exclusive carrier of a new Philips LED lightbulb known as the SlimStyle LED. The new lightbulb is different from traditional LED bulbs on the market in that it has no heat sink and it is mostly flat. The bulb is dimmable and is rated for 25,000 hours […]


Michelle Wang of Brooklyn, NY has designed this very minimal product packaging for a single GE lightbulb. Using a single sheet of recycled cardboard cleverly folded so it holds together with no glue, Michelle has created what is essentially the most basic product housing with the least amount of bulk. A great way to present […]