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In terms of the light shows that the Empire State Building has been putting on┬áthis one, which celebrates the Ford Mustang┬ábeing assembled at the top of the tower, is probably one of the best light shows. In case you didn’t know, the NY International Auto Show is also opening this weekend and runs until end […]

You know those Japanese Dekotora trucks with all the lights on them? Here’s a meeting of their car counterparts.


This is pretty great. The old Rialto Theater in Downtown LA is lit once again thanks to Urban Outfitters who moved into the space and restored the classic neon sign. Wish I was around to see this sight. So beautiful.

A wonderful documentary about a man named Bruce Mertz who transforms his Northern California home into a winter lighthouse of sorts. It takes him approximately 3 months to put up 51,000 lights and he seems to not mind each year.