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Cody!!!! Haha, listen to this hilarious song sung in the style of heavy metal. Haha, thank you Manuel! UPDATE! This song is FREE until midnight January 15th! Get it here!

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A bit depressing I suppose for Romney fans. But now that the election is over, here’s a site that tracks, in real-time, the people un-liking the Romney Facebook Page. It started around 12,050,000 Likes and is now down below 11,982,700. Watch it.

I like Kreayshawn. I obviously don’t know her, but she comes off as a pretty out-there creative individual, someone who’s making a name for themselves by doing what they love and pretty much not caring about anything else. Her full-album debut isn’t what I was hoping for given her more catchier singles, but no matter, […]

Marmite, an acquired taste and one which I have yet to actually acquire (it’s nasty) seems to be a treat for some big cats. [via]