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A great short piece on a man named Ben Short who gives up city life to live in the woods. But I’m confused. What is he doing with that smoker?

National Geographic takes us on a journey with Crew 138 of the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station to see what it is like to live on Mars without having to leave planet Earth. The location is somewhere in the deserts of Utah and the area is used because of its similarity to Mars’ own […]

So weird, I was just talking about this with some friends earlier today.


The Worst Room will make you sad. And then you’ll see the prices that these rooms are going for and it will make you depressed like no other.

I don’t know how much she makes per month in Japan so it’s hard to say for sure if Japan is “affordable” based on income, but if everything else is to be believed, then I’m not sure why everybody I’ve always talked to has said that Japan is uber-expensive. Everyday items seem to be cheaper […]

Coca-Cola continues their campaign to encourage an active lifestyle so we all don’t grow up obese. Here’s their ad previously on obesity.