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The seats inside this minivan were taken out and replaced with benches to accomodate 64 children in a vehicle that would normally seat 8. Thank God the cops came to the rescue (they had to use 12 vans to take them all home).

Or maybe it’s an infestation? Whatever the case, this sort of creeps me out and I hope that I never encounter this many ladybugs all at once.


You may have heard the bizarre story of Nadya Suleman, the mom who gave birth recently to octuplets via in vitro fertilization. Adding the most recent 8 to her bunch, she now takes care of a whopping 14 children while reportedly receiving food stamps to aid in supporting some of her children. It’s certainly a […]


Seriously, could there be any more famous people in one movie?! And why is “not” italicized? That seems like the wrong word to put that style on, especially in that phrase. Anyway, with a famous cast as long as this, He’s Just Not That Into You is looking up to be a pretty big disaster. […]