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Word is that this Hasselblad 500 camera was one of the only Hasselblad cameras to make it back from the moon. Other cameras used on past missions were left on the lunar surface due to weight savings on the return trip back to the US. This one however made its way back¬†from the Apollo 15 […]

Set in Los Angeles, 2057 in a time when Android police have taken over the streets.

This is what it’s like to drive a lunar rover on the moon. This is actual video taken during the Apollo 16 mission with astronauts John Young and Charlie Duke.

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The Apollo 11 astronauts carried the National Geographic Society flag with them on their journey to the moon. I just learned this while reading The Big Picture’s tribute to the 125th anniversary of National Geographic. I wonder why there isn’t a photo of it.

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Specs be damned, if the final production of the Hasselblad Lunar looks anything like this, it’ll be doomed.


This is neat. LIFE Magazine has posted large scans of their Special Edition issue on August 11, 1969 commemorating the Moon Landing. Great photos inside.

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