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This is so great! It looks like Aspyr (the company in charge of SimCity 4) has re-released the classic Sim title to work on modern Macs. Previously, any attempt to play the game normally resulted in nothing but failure, and the only way to get your fix of SimCity was to play the recent release […]

Gizmodo has posted an amazing video shot a few years back of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak delivering a new iMac to a young girl named Emma (the daughter of an email-only acquaintance of Steve’s). The gesture is a kind one that Steve mentions later on as something he just does for fun to surprise and bring a […]


Design Taxi just shared this little-known easter egg on the Apple website that hid a free font made of drawings of each Mac Apple has ever made. The font is released in conjunction with Apple’s 30th anniversary of the Mac. Download it here!

I use Many Tricks’ Moom for my Mac windows management but this new one I just came across called Flexiglass from Nulana looks quite nice as well. It seems to have just about all of the same functions. The only thing that’s not getting me to try it is the fact that Moom does everything […]

The Verge put together this video that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the Macintosh personal computer.