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I’m a sucker for TwelveSouth Apple accessories. This latest one that they just announced, the ParcSlope for MacBook, is yet another item I want (but definitely don’t need). It’s a stand that elevates your MacBook to an 18-degree tilt for more comfortable typing and better air cooling of the MacBook. It’s sized for current MacBooks […]

Incase’s new ICON sleeve with Tensaerlite technology looks good! My old MacBook Pro though is probably too fat for this series. It only fits Retina display MBP’s.


I’m a messy eater and drinker, and since a lot of my day to day activities involve being near my MacBook Pro, I was finding it more and more necessary to buy myself a keyboard cover in order to minimize damage (should it happen) and just overall dirt. I’ve had a keyboard cover before but […]

This is so sick! That custom logo plate is pretty damn fantastic. I had no idea Colorware did customization like that.


This is a treat.┬áDmitry Kovalenko has created a freely downloadable Apple MacBook Pro graphics set that you can use for mock-ups or other digital manipulation. It includes 4 views of the computer each in its own PSD which also includes closed, opened, and angled views as well as all sides of the computer. Basically, it’s […]