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I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the original PowerCurl, but it seems Quirky has redone the design for this MacBook/MacBook Pro charger organizer with a silicone wrap that keeps everything in place. A small but welcome improvement for those times when you might not have wrapped the cord around the original PowerCurl tight […]


I love Wirecutter. They have a great track record of recommending the absolute best of just about any category of stuff that I need to buy. One category that I’ve never really thought much about though is the humble keyboard cover, a sometimes necessary accessory for those of us who are just messy eaters, drinkers, […]


Really digging this Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand for MacBook. Expensive at nearly $70, but it sure as hell is sexy looking.


A nice little thing to make your MacBook stand out. Get it on Etsy.

I had no idea it was this easy to remove. Maybe I will give PlastiDip a try on my own MacBook Pro. After all, it is only $7.50.