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Uhh, let’s not kid ourselves here. This is clearly set up and not at all as spontaneous as they’d like us to think. No NYC bus looks like this on the outside or inside.

The best thing about Nardwuar interviews is watching his interviewees’ surprised faces when he brings up little known facts and trivia. This one is filled with those kind of moments.

Jack Conte from Pomplamoose remixes Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” with an incredible custom device. He says: The S4 Midi Controlled Lauchpad Performer is a custom-made, 4-solenoid hardware controller, running on an Arduino. The Arduino was setup and programmed by Rich Humphrey, and the hardware chassis was designed and built by Conte.


Gator skin box design, gold foil, 18 individual pieces of art for each song — man, this is how physical representations of music should be. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, already killing it in the digital charts, has up and made this deluxe edition of their album The Heist on a completely different level than most […]