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Hey! This is neat! But man, does it seem to take a long time. Good luck filling multiple cups with this $150 gadget! At the end of the day though, it’s definitely faster than carving an ice ball with your hands.


Not gonna lie, this looks neat. The Hostess Electric Twinkie Maker is only $35 w/ Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping. Christmas gift idea! Check out a video inside.

This is so cool. The Verge takes a look at a place in Detroit known as i3 Detroit that’s a collaborative space for tinkerers to come together and teach each other how to make stuff.

Peter Bellerby is the owner of Bellerby & Co. Globemakers, a company that handmakes paper globes. It’s truly an art and industry that is disappearing but Bellerby is doing what he can to keep it alive and thriving.