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Damn, this is so nuts. It looks hard enough as it is to stack 15 plates and cups using both hands/arms, but this guy fills them up too! Then off he goes to impress a table full of people…


These are all different and opened (sorry hardcore collectors — I open mine). And believe it or not, I just got notice that somebody is sending me 14 decks that are NOT included in the photo above. FOURTEEN. That’s…crazy. I need a new shelf.


For years I’ve seen portions of REVS’ autobiography through the train door windows when I ride the N/R line but never have I seen the first page of it. This is wonderful! Does anybody know if this still exists (and where is it?)?

crossroads (what to do) from Garvin Nolte on Vimeo. This is what happens when you have too many people telling you where to go. A very amusing project by Garvin Nolte. [

Man, I would move to Hong Kong in a minute if I could find a job there.