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This is fun. Stephen Von Worley created this map that lets you enter your name to bring up all of the places named after you. Or, you know, the places that have the same name as you. Could be streets, monuments, etc. All of them pinpointed on a map for your perusal. Enjoy!

42nd Street – Grand Central is now home to at least one of these giant touchscreen Subway maps! We’re finally in the future!


This is quite beautiful. Vignelli Associates brought back their iconic 1972 NYC Subway Map and expanded its reach into New Jersey in an effort to make the transportation between New Jersey and New York a little easier to understand for those traveling for the upcoming Super Bowl (which New York is hosting, but the game […]

Wow! This is truly spectacular! Rachel Evans Designs created this map of the world using nothing by spirograph discs and patterns. I used to love playing with spirographs when I was younger. I should buy another set again just for fun. A Spirograph Deluxe Design Set is only $22. If you like what you see, […]


It’s always nice to see different people do their own take on the NYC subway map. Here’s Chris Whong’s version which is modeled after Washington, D.C.’s Metro map.