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Remember Mario inserted into real life accidents and disasters? Well the creator has spent his free time making another video with the same premise. Enjoy!

This is an interesting video about jumping both in real life and in video games. When was the last time I jumped? I don’t even know. I don’t do it often. But in video games like Super Mario Bros., it’s true, I do it all the time. And without even thinking about it. But it turns […]

Watch these guys play this unfinished Mario game. How in the world did they get their hands on this?!

I would consider buying a Wii U just for this game alone (I mean, it’s only $299 right?). Super Mario 3D World just looks so damn fun. It reminds me of how different Mario 64 was and how amazing that game was to play.

Mike Mika of Oakland, California has a 3 year old daughter that loves playing video games. When she asked if she could play as the girl in Donkey Kong, Mike initially said no, but then went ahead and modded the game to suit her wish. This is the result. My three year old daughter and […]