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Looks like there are huge fans of Arrested Development over at Netflix. The Bluth Company just revealed that if you search for the word “Blue” on Netflix, you will see blue hand prints on the right side of the search results page. Clicking on the blue handprint will bring you to the exact point in […]

This video makes me laugh. Also, I know it’s nowhere near Valentine’s Day. [via]


Here’s a neat trick I just learned. If you’re typing non-English words on and need to do accent marks or special characters, all you have to do is hold the letter key down and choose from the appropriate options provided in the pop-up box above the letter (see sreengrab).


Marks is Pentagram’s latest book that showcases 400 symbols, logos, and identities that the firm has designed (or re-designed) between 1962 and today. The 400 symbols are laid out on 800 pages of French-folded bible paper and bound in a red cloth-covered softback cover. The book is being printed in only a limited quantity of […]


Peter, a slave who has been whipped by his overseer, taken April 2, 1863. Photo credit unknown. I saw some images of slavery and slave houses in the LIFE archives (hosted by Google) and I just couldn’t figure out how any person could have convinced themselves that treating another living being this way was the […]