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You’ve probably seen that weird video online showing a machine spitting out pink goop into a disgusting pile inside a factory. According to that video, the pink goop is what can be found inside McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. I guess McDonald’s was getting enough of this question that they decided to respond. And if you believe […]


This is neat. Jake and Dinos Chapman created this diorama called “In Our Dreams We Have Seen Another World“. What does it depict? Well, among many odd things, it shows the crucifixion of Ronald McDonald and the utter destruction of many Nazis and Hitler. It’s all part of an art piece that’s on display now […]

Strict calorie intake of 2000 calories per day and paying close attention to the choices you make in eating. Proof that if you watch what you eat and do a bit of exercise, you don’t have to restrict yourself to odd foods to lose some weight.

YouTubers reacting to¬†Melodi Dushane’s inane New Year’s rampage¬†when she found out that they don’t serve Chicken McNuggets early in the morning.