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Coolhunting shows off a video of the Herman Miller and Industrial Facility modular stacking desk accessories system. It’s a very clever way to sell the concept of customization to consumers while still being able to create the same product over and over again. Build it how you want, with the colors you want, right here […]

This was incredibly interesting. I don’t understand every part of it, but it’s still really neat anyway. The video shows German-born producer Patrick Pulsinger explaining how modular synthesizers work. It’s a lot of experimentation when you first start out, but when you become a master at it (like he is), you end up becoming a machine […]


  This is seriously one of the wildest things I’ve seen today. MyModernMet posts these images of Byriah Loper’s amazing modular origami. It’s all held together with no glue or adhesives — just a bunch of clever folding and angles. Byriah’s Flickr is filled with these things. Check it out!

Look at this sick pre-fab house that is completely adaptable to its surrounding environment based on modular pieces which can be pre-determined via a computer diagram. According to the video, this house is so efficient in its use of exterior lighting and energy consumption that it’s almost always producing about 150% more energy than it […]


I love the idea of this modular pre-fab home nicknamed the California Roll. The house doesn’t actually roll up (that’d be crazy) but it does expose itself like an open sushi roll. It uses heat-reflecting panels to deflect the summer heat of the desert and also includes modular skylights and dimmable windows to make inside […]