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This was incredibly interesting. I don’t understand every part of it, but it’s still really neat anyway. The video shows German-born producer Patrick Pulsinger explaining how modular synthesizers work. It’s a lot of experimentation when you first start out, but when you become a master at it (like he is), you end up becoming a machine […]


  This is seriously one of the wildest things I’ve seen today. MyModernMet posts these images of Byriah Loper’s amazing modular origami. It’s all held together with no glue or adhesives — just a bunch of clever folding and angles. Byriah’s Flickr is filled with these things. Check it out!

Look at this sick pre-fab house that is completely adaptable to its surrounding environment based on modular pieces which can be pre-determined via a computer diagram. According to the video, this house is so efficient in its use of exterior lighting and energy consumption that it’s almost always producing about 150% more energy than it […]


I love the idea of this modular pre-fab home nicknamed the California Roll. The house doesn’t actually roll up (that’d be crazy) but it does expose itself like an open sushi roll. It uses heat-reflecting panels to deflect the summer heat of the desert and also includes modular skylights and dimmable windows to make inside […]


Some amazing news coming out of Mission Workshop today as they launch their new Arkiv Modular Bag System. The Arkiv System works a bit like military MOLLE systems where you can easily interchange, add, or remove bag accessories using straps, fasteners, and velcro. The video below gives a great demonstration of the bag’s expandable capabilities. […]